Healthy snacking is a great way to lose weight and feel energized all during the day. Keep these 10 healthy snacking tips in mind when you are hungry and you need a snack or when you are tempted to eat unhealthy foods. 

1. When buying groceries try to stay on the outside aisles with the fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Most impulse, fattening foods are down the other aisles, so the less time in these aisles, the less fattening foods you will buy.

2. Drink lots of water, at least 2 quarts a day. Not only is water an essential nutrient and keeps you hydrated, it also keeps you “full” which decreases your desire to snack.

3. Don’t eat in front of the TV or while you are reading because you become unaware of how much you are eating. Also choose a specific place to eat like your dinner table not your desk. Make yourself aware of the food you are eating and how much of it.

4. When you first come home, don’t go straight to the kitchen where you will be tempted to pick up an unhealthy snack. Go to another room first and find an activity to do. For example, call a friend, take a bath, write a letter, or take a walk.

5. Decide not to buy junk food. If you don’t have it in the house then you can’t eat it. Plus your spouse and children don’t need it. You may get complaints about it, but your family will be happy when they don’t gain weight.

6. When buying gas, try to use the new credit card machines at the pump. If you go inside, you’ll be more likely to buy a coke or an impulse candy bar at the counter.

7. Stay completely away from fast food restaurants. It’s not worth all the fat and high calories. If you absolutely have to eat at one, order the grilled chicken breast without mayonnaise and a salad.

8. Stay away from caffeine. The caffeine in Cokes, Sprites, and regular tea and coffee will cause you to become dehydrated and even hungrier. Plus most of these drinks are low in nutritional value and have tons of sugar and empty calories in them which will cause you to gain weight.

9. Try to eat lower-in-fat mini meals all day with portions of protein and carbohydrates instead of snacking on junk food. This will increase your metabolism so that you burn more fat all day and not just at the gym. Also try not to skip any meals. Skipping a meal will actually decrease your metabolism and it will be harder to lose weight.

10. Try to snack on nutritious foods like fruits, raw vegetables, saltine crackers with peanut butter, or protein bars that you can buy at any nutrition store.

Most importantly, try to become a person who “eats to live, not lives to eat”.

In Conclusion, snacking is not bad unless you are eating high fat junk foods or too much of one food. The most important tip is the BE AWARE of the foods you are buying, and before you know it you will have lost weight and feel great!

Mary Wannall is the owner of Real Life Fitness

She can be reached at 404-940-8085