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All of our trainers have nationally accredited certifications and have years of professional experience and personal commitment.  We offer one on one, buddy and group training sessions.

Complimentary Fitness Consultation

Our FREE consultation includes a fitness assessment (body fat analysis, measurements if wanted) and advise on how to achieve individual fitness goals.

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Mary Wannall has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, training clients, teaching group fitness classes, and creating fitness programs. She has a BSED in Physical Education has held over 5 different National Certifications, including NASM, AFAA, BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyJam, Silver Sneakers, and Step. and has owned Real Life Fitness since 2002.









Amie Hogan is a wife and mother who loves fitness and weight training. She grew up in a family who owned restaurants so she has always has a big appetite but knows how to work it off!!! Amie can tell you first-hand that she didn’t realize how important it was to live a healthy lifestyle until she had children. She says that it can be extremely hard to juggle work, kids, and all the other things that come along in life, all while trying to fit in time to work out each day, but she makes it work! Becoming a personal trainer is something she has always wanted to do! She has been working at Real Life for about 5 years and is certified with NETA (National Exercise Training Association).












Chris Edge has been involved with fitness and athletics his entire life. Through his own personal life experiences, he understands the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and his goal is to apply his experience and knowledge to help others better their lives as well. He enjoys working with men and women of all ages and fitness levels!! His favorite phrase he tells people is “if you are willing to work hard and stay committed, then together we can achieve your goals!” Chris is certified EMR, CPR, AED, AAAI, ISMA, and Phase II Master Personal Trainer.

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Silas Richey has been with our fitness center for over 15 years. A native of Cartersville, GA, Silas played football for the Purple Hurricanes and after high school played football for Tennessee Wesleyan College and had a semi pro football career with the Hampton Roads Sharks then went into the Navy. He is certified with ACE, ISSA, and is a speed and conditioning specialist with IYCA.









Jennifer Randel has over 23 years in the fitness industry. She is nationally certified with NETA and teaches FITBarre, yoga, weight training and HIIT classes, and everything in between. She has competed in bikini competitions and loves to help people see long-lasting results.