Experienced, Qualified, Dedicated.
The trainers who work at Real Life Fitness Cartersville average well over 10 years of professional experience and personal commitment.  Both one on one personal training and two for one buddy training available.

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Mary Wannall Personal Trainer

Complimentary PT Consultation

Have you considered working with a trainer before? Do you need more information? Contact us.  We offer a no obligation introduction to personal training.  Our complimentary review  helps you evaluate how working with a professional personal trainer guarantees results from exercise.

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Angel Granieri is the manager of our Real Fit Personal Training Program. She has been coaching, teaching, and personal training clients for over 25 years. She has been a fitness and bodybuilder competitor for the last 17 years. She loves coaching people about nutrition and is certified with AAAI/ISMA.


Mary Wannall has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, training clients, teaching group fitness classes, and creating fitness programs. She is certified through NASM and has owned Real Life Fitness since 2002.


Blair Gunter has been in the fitness industry for over 4 years and loves training clients one on one and in a group setting. She helps lead our RealFit Crosstraining program, teaches Silver Sneaker classes, and trains one on one clients. She is an avid runner and equestrian trainer in her spare time. She is certified with AAAI/ISMA.

IMG_0823 (3) Silas Richey has been with our fitness center for over 15 years. A native of Cartersville, GA, Silas played football for the Purple Hurricanes and after high school played football for Tennessee Wesleyan College and had a semi pro football career with the Hampton Roads Sharks then went into the Navy. He is certified with ACE, ISSA, and is a speed and conditioning specialist with IYCA.