Burn and Barbell Classes

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We are so proud to offer our newest group training program at Real Life Fitness called RealFit Crosstraining.

We have designed an 2,000sq. ft. space dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals through a variety of different types of equipment and exercises.

Crosstraining is the most effective and efficient way to get shape, lose weight, and tone up. We have seen tremendous results with adults and young athletes in strength gains, endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness through our unique program designed and taught by nationally certified trainers

Each day you have the choice of taking a Burn Class or a Barbell Class. Our Burn Classes focus more on endurance cardio conditioning and our Barbell classes focus more on Strength training.


If you want to burn a ton of calories and get ripped, then our Heart Rate Monitored Burn Classes are for you!!! Backed by the science of being in your specific Metabolic Burn Zone and Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (or EPOC), our unique Burn Classes are designed to keep you at your individual heart rate target zone that will boost your metabolism to burn more fat and increase energy. An average class burns an estimated 400 to 800 calories in 50 minutes. And you will keep burning calories for up to 36 hours.


We have been teaching barbell based classes for the last 4 years and love how we can incorporate all types of exercises and equipment to achieve a safe and effective strength program. Using mainly barbells and dumbbells, we teach all the Olympic lifts (deadlifts, hang cleans, power cleans, push presses, etc…) that will work every muscle group in your body, along with Kettlebell training, wall balls, pullups, tire flipping, and battle ropes. There are two workouts to choose from in each class:

Performance Workout – are for members who have been coming to our Crosstraining program and have mastered the different skills and lifts

Ramp Up (Scalable) Workout – are for beginners or people who have injuries who want to learn all the skills and lifts but need the workout to be scaled or modified



Each class is designed daily with 4 components:                                                             

• Dynamic Warm Up
• Strength Component
• Conditioning Workout
• Core Training and Stretching

Different muscle groups are focused on each day along with a new exercise skill.


Contact 404-543-3238 for ONE FREE WEEK of CLASSES!!


RealFit Coaches: Mary Wannall, CJ Cady, Robert Cox and Todd Carr

For more information contact Mary at +1 (404) 543-3238 or realfit413@gmail.com

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Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 5:00am                Burn/Barbell 5:00am                Barbell 5:00am                Burn 5:00am                Barbell 5:00am              Barbell
Burn Class
Barbell Class
Burn Class
Barbell Class
Burn Class
Burn Class
12:00pm                Burn/Barbell   12:00pm              Burn/Barbell  
5:30pm                  Burn/Barbell
5:30pm                Burn/Barbell



For Real Life Fitness Members For Non Members
*$69 for Unlimited Classes *$89 for Unlimited Classes
*$55 for 2 Classes a Week *$75 for 2 Classes a Week
$100 for a 10 Class Package $150 for a 10 Class Package
*All payments are drafted from a credit card account on the 2nd of every month. 1st month’s payment will be prorated and you can cancel anytime

(Compared to One on One training, this is the next best workout and more affordable)

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